Services Eurocoop “JUNGIMUNU”

Third-Sector Social Cooperative

Camini is a small village lying on the hills of the Locride region, on the Ionian coasts of Calabria, in Southern Italy.

The whole village of Camini was on the edge of extinction, but it is coming back to life, through real and significant growth, social and economic, thanks to the success of the program of welcoming, reception and integration of third-country nationals enacted by Services EUROCOOP Social Cooperative Society. 

The first migrants came from the Ivory coast back in 2011, and the EUROCOOP initiated the current operations center “Jungi Mundu” which means “Unite the world” in Calabrian dialect.


About us

EUROCOOP Social Cooperative Services was founded in 1999 to facilitate the work placement of disadvantaged people and for the redevelopment of the territory.


By visiting the gallery of the Eurocoop Servizi “JUNGI MUNDU” site in Reggio Calabria, you can take a look at our projects, our guests’ activities.


Solidarity tourism, agri-food, wood and creative art workshops are just some of the activities we carry out in the social cooperative.

Eurocoop Servizi “JUNGI MUNDU”