Our history:

Services Eurocoop is a social cooperative born in 1999 to favor job placement for weak members of society but it has evolved starting from 2011 offering a fully validated reception service for migrants, aiming mainly to guarantee independence and integration of asylum seekers and refugees.
The project, taking the name SAI (System of Reception and integration) with the most recent reforms of the sectors, (used to be called SIPROIMI and SPRAR), can host up to a number of 118 beneficiaries mainly coming from Syria, but also from Eritrea, Morocco, Gambia, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Tunisia and Libya.
It is indeed not by chance for the project to be called “Jungi Mundu” (“Unite the world”, in the local dialect), which represents the beating heart of reception and welcome.
The deal breaker that Eurocoop Services has been able to experience in the territorial projects, of which it is the managing institution, is certainly the adoption of an approach based on self-management of housing that helps to enhance the autonomy of the beneficiaries (final objective of the Project), a system that stands in stark contrast to the precarious ways that often characterize the first and second reception in the centers of the urban peripheries

The hosting village is recognized as a safe harbor for new residents, especially families and minors, who in turn actively contribute to the development of the society ever since their arrival.

In this climate of communitarian sharing, Eurocoop exercises a real and significant action of social commitment, through inclusion programs implemented at local, regional, and international level, providing, in addition to a plan of material reception (through the provision of board and lodging, and of a monthly contribution), a whole set of measures implemented by a multidisciplinary team of qualified experts which promote a path of autonomy and integration.