The social commitment of the reception center of Reggio Calabria also includes the creation of laboratories of ceramics, carpentry, lutherie, local and Syrian cooking classes which take place inside the bar-restaurant Jungi Mundu. Here there is also a free “baby parking” for children under the age of 6, after-school courses for school children and the recovery of abandoned land, through production of organic oil, wine, and wheat.

Solidarity Tourism

Inspired by the principle of solidarity based on the concepts of union, cohesion, fraternity and reciprocity, the Solidarity Tourism project is realized. This, by promoting interaction between the tourism industry, local communities, and travelers, it recognizes the centrality of the local community and its role in the development of its territory. This because doing solidarity tourism means to establish a deep relationship between the actors involved, even as a philosophy of life.


Eurocoop Servizi “JUNGI MUNDU” social cooperative of Reggio Calabria stands out for its humanitarian workshops, such as Ama-là; agri-food, to support the idea of food produced and grown locally; processing and restoration of wooden objects, to recover the memory of the past of the village of Camini. The creative art workshop is based on recycling of materials and creation of unique pieces, while the pottery workshop allows to discover local history and ancient techniques of pottery making. There are also workshops of lutherie, tailoring, and workshops for children.

Ama-La Project

Ama-La accompanies refugee women in a process of growth and training towards autonomy, based on the increasing of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-determination to bring each woman to consciously take possession of their creative potential.